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Cercador global del TAXI


The Metropolitan Taxi Institute, as a public administration managing taxi services in the metropolitan area of Barcelona, provides several channels of support to both taxi drivers and citizens using taxi services, which include: in person, over the phone, online. You can request more information or send us your inquiry, suggestions, opinions, or complaints in relation to the taxi services.

In person


Carrer 62, núm. 18, Zona Franca
08040 Barcelona

How to arrive at the IMET headquarters


Over the phone

Customer Service

Phone: 932 235 151

Fax: 932 234 124



IMET website
www is the official website of the Metropolitan Taxi Institute (IMET)

Access to the procedures which active taxi drivers may perform through the IMET.

Access for citizens to submit queries, complaints, suggestions, and/or opinions about the taxi services.


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