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Governing Body

The IMET Administrative Board is the body responsible for the management and representation of the Metropolitan Taxi Institute.


Among other things, it is in charge of:

  • To suggest to the AMB the approval of action programmes.

  • To adopt appropriate measures to improve the organization and operation of the IMET.

  • To approve the IMET budget.
  • To approve the fares for the services provided.

  • To report to the AMB the work performed each year.


President: Mercedes Vidal Lago

Vicepresident: Antonio Poveda Zapata

Manager: Maria Teresa Carrillo Palacín

Service Director: Pilar Molina Mesa


Antonio Poveda Zapata  Partit dels Socialistes de Catalunya  PSC
David Martínez García  Partit dels Socialistes de Catalunya  PSC
Mercedes Vidal Lago   Entesa
Álvaro Nicolás Loscos  Entesa
Gerard Ardanuy i Mata  Convergència Democràtica de Catalunya  CDC
Cristian Barti Rodríguez  Candidatura d'Unitat Popular  CUP
Eugeni Villabí i Rodes  Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya  ERC
Òscar Ramírez lara  Partit Popular  PP
Miguel Manuel García Valle  Ciutadans  C's