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Sector data

The following graphs draw a picture of the taxi industry at a given moment. They include information about license usage, the characteristics of the professions in the sector, and the taxi fleet, among other things.

Distribution of licenses and drivers between independent taxi drivers and taxi companies


No. of licenses 10.523
  Number    148
  Licenses in their possession     561
  Employees who work for them 1.040
Independent drivers with more than one license
  Number   244
  Licenses in their possession   571
  Employees who work for them   808
  Family members who work for them    60
Independent drivers with just one license
  Number 9.391
  Employees who work for them    939
  Family members who work for them 1.069

Active taxi drivers

Gràfic Taxistes en actiu

Characteristics of the sector

Gràfic Característiques del sector

New vehicles applied to the license

Gràfic Vehicles nous aplicats a llicència a 31 de desembre de 2016

Energy sources

Gràfic Fonts d'energia

Age of the taxi fleet

Gràfic Edat del parc de taxis

Call to exams

Gràfic Convocatòria d'exàmens