Inside the taxi...

All elements inside a taxi provide information on some aspect of the service. Take note!


Electronic device that measures the amount charged in relation to both the distance travelled and time elapsed. The taximeter shows the fare applied at any given moment, the price of the service, the surcharges and the total amount payable for a taxi service.

Light module

This device is connected to the taximeter and shows whether the taxi is free or occupied, and the fare applied.

This element of the taxi allows the user to locate taxis that are free and, for inspection services, to check that the taxi driver is applying the appropriate fare.


A receipt printer is connected and incorporated in the taximeter.

The receipt shows all the elements involved in the pricing of the service (date, start time of the service, date/time/end time of the service, km travelled, fares applied, price of the service, price of surcharges and total price).

Taxi identification plate

Plate indicating the taxi's identification data (licence number, registration number, number of authorised passenger seats).

This plate is located on the front apron or on the left-hand pillar of the vehicle. 

Fare sticker

Tarifes taxi 2022

Displays the AMB's urban taxi fares and is located on the right rear window of the vehicle.

Metropolitan inspection

Revisió metropolitana 2023
Metropolitan inspection 2023 sticker certifying that the taxi has passed the annual metropolitan vehicle inspection. The sticker is affixed to the top right-hand side of the front window of the taxi. The validity date of the inspection is marked on this sticker.