Inside the taxi...

All of the items located inside the taxi report information about some aspect related to the service. Please, take note!


Electronic device which measures the amount due in relation to both the distance travelled and the time elapsed. The taximeter displays the fare applied at any moment, the amount of the service, any additional charges, and the total due for the taxi service.

Illuminated indicator of availability

Device connected to the taximeter that shows if the taxi is free or occupied, as well as the fare applied. This taxi feature allows users to locate free taxis, and it allows inspection services to ensure that the taxi is applying the appropriate fares.

Driver's ID Card

Identity card located in the bottom right corner of the front window. It reports that the taxi driver operating the vehicle is a professional with the appropriate credentials and is the person driving the taxi.


The taximeter is connected to an incorporated printer which issues receipts.
The receipt shows all of the elements involved in determining the price for the service (date, start and finish times of the service, number of km travelled, applied fares, amount of the service, additional charges, and total amount due).

Taxi ID plate

Plate indicating the taxi's identifying information (license number, registration, number of authorized seats).
This plate is located on the front dashboard or on the left side of the vehicle. 

Fares sticker

It shows the urban fares for taxis in the AMB and is located on the back right window of the vehicle.

Metropolitan inspection

Sticker which certifies that the taxi has successfully passed the annual metropolitan vehicle inspection. The sticker is located on the upper right side of the front window of the taxi. It also indicates the period of validity for said inspection.