Rights and duties of taxi users

Taxi customers, in addition to the rights generally recognized in consumer protection laws, are entitled:

At the stop

  1. To choose the vehicle from which they wish to receive service, unless there is a system of established turns due to the organisation or flow of the service.

With respect to taxi drivers

  1. To receive service under the standard conditions of equality, non-discrimination, quality, safety, and preferably within the requested period of time.
  2. To be cared for during the provision of the service with proper correction by the driver.
  3. To express oneself in any of the official languages.
  4. To be assisted by the driver to enter or exit the vehicle, in the event of reduced mobility.
  5. To receive help from the driver to load or unload baggage from the boot of the vehicle, if present.

With respect to the vehicle

  1. To access a clean vehicle with a polite driver.
  2. To select the adjustment of sound and temperature inside the vehicle.
  3. To open and close the rear windows and request for the heating or cooling systems to be turned on or off. (You may get out of the taxi if such requests are not met).
  4. To know the license number of the taxi, as well as the current fares.
  5. To enter or exit the vehicle in areas guaranteed to be safe.

During the service

  1. To choose the route deemed most appropriate.
  2. To obtain an invoice or receipt which contains all of the relevant service data: price, origin and destination of the trip; tax identification number of the license holder, and vehicle license and registration numbers. This is also to prove that the cost of the service has been paid.
  3. To receive change for payment of the service up to €20.
  4. To make any appropriate claims or complaints in relation to the service.

Regarding pets

  1. To freely transport a guide dog or any other support dogs for people with disabilities.