Taxi stand network

Taxi drivers and users of their services may use more than 300 taxi stops throughout the metropolitan area of Barcelona, 70% of which are concentrated in the city of Barcelona.

Additionally, there are major taxi stands specifically for the following locations:

Barcelona Airport: Taxi stands are distributed between the three terminals, with a specific organisation to allow users to quickly catch a taxi and for drivers to load passengers comfortably without disturbing the flow of the service.

Port of Barcelona: Users can take advantage of taxi stands located at the four stations of quay Moll Adossat (Terminal A, 20 taxis; Terminal B, 36; Terminal C, 48; Terminal D, 58).

Sants Railway Station: Users will find two organized taxi stands which provide service to those coming from the Joan Peiró Square and/or through the main entrance located on Països Catalans Square.

There is also specific service offered by a taxi stand at the Estació del Nord (Northern Station) and at the Estació de França (France Station).

The network of taxi stands in the metropolitan area of Barcelona influences rational patterns of mobility on the part of the taxi drivers and is consequently a factor which helps to reduce emissions and air pollution.

The use of taxi stands is regulated by norms and rules with which taxi drivers must comply.

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