At the taxi ranks

In the metropolitan area of Barcelona there are more than 300 taxi ranks, 70% of them in Barcelona and the rest in the remaining metropolitan municipalities. All ranks are signposted, and both users and taxi drivers must respect the operating and waiting area rules. 

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Usuaria del taxi

How to take a taxi at a rank

  • Basic rules for the operation of taxi ranks
    • A taxi user must take the first vehicle in order of departure that has arrived at the taxi rank.
    • The user has the right to choose a taxi, but the reason must be justified by objective circumstances such as the air conditioning in the vehicle, the state of conservation, the correct cleanliness, the system of payment for the service or concern that the vehicle's metropolitan ordinary inspection sticker has expired.
    • Taxi drivers cannot refuse to transport guide dogs accompanying blind people, or to transport wheelchairs. They may also admit, at their discretion, pets accompanying persons requesting the service.
    • In the event that several persons simultaneously claim the service of the same taxi, the driver must apply the following order of priority:
    1. They must first serve people on the pavement in their direction of travel.
    2. People with physical disabilities, the elderly, the sick, pregnant women or people with small children. If none of the above criteria help to clarify the case, they should serve the most elderly customer.
    • A taxi driver may not refuse service to anyone, unless the person requesting the service is clearly inebriated or under the influence of drugs, or if the condition of the user or their luggage suggests that they may cause serious damage to the vehicle.
    • Taxi drivers are not allowed to pick up passengers within a 50-metre radius of a taxi rank.