Complaints or reports

The users of the metropolitan taxi of Barcelona can submit a complaint against a taxi service in two ways: either electronically or by post.

Electronically complaint

To make an electronically complaint, you must identify yourself with a digital certificate or with the cell phone certificate idCat.

The accepted certificates are those that have been admitted by an entity classified by the validator AOC (Consorci Administració Oberta de Catalunya).

For the accepted certificates (national and foreign), please follow this link

The person who submits this form, must do so on their own behalf.

By post

To submit a complaint by post, users of taxi services must mail the Word document found on this page, signed and duly completed, to:

Metropolitan Taxi Institute

Carrer 62 No. 18 - Zona Franca
08040 Barcelona

Key information regarding

Whether the form complaint is sent by electronically or by post, the following should be considered:

  1. Specify the reasons for the complaint.

  2. Accompany the form with the receipt issued by the taxi driver where the professional data appear:

    1. License number

    2. NIF number

    3. Vehicle registration number

    4. Price of the ride

    5. Data of the service